David Youngblood
Jacksonville Florida Real Estate

I have been looking for something new that no other agent had and was blown away by this solution. I think I can count on one hand how many other Agents have a Smart TV Channel nationwide. We used to spend a grand for a TV slot once a week showing off just one listing. Now my own channel runs 24/7 with all my listings for a low monthly cost. Thanks Victor!

Bill Johnson
Eagle's Nest Realty - Lake of The Ozarks

Victor has been doing my Video Tours for years and when he told me about his new Smart TV Channel service I honestly did not know much about it. He said trust me and I do and he created a channel on both Roku and Amazon and it had over 540 installs before I even had a chance to demo it. My wife searched my first name "Bill" on Amazon Fire TV and I popped up next to Bill O'reilly's TV Channel. We can't believe how popular our channel is.