Corona Virus Covid-19 Update

Due to the change in the Real Estate market and the Social Distancing we are all experiencing, we are offering ALL Realtors who want to show their listings "Virtually" on their own Smart TV Channel our Gold Package 75% off, now only $99/Month down from $399/Month - More Info

Let's keep it safe out there!
Victor Schultz

Who else wants to have the only Smart TV Channel in their market served up on both Roku and Amazon Fire TV platforms? 

Welcome to Realty TV Pro! Your ROKU and Amazon Fire TV Channel is almost ready. All you need is one of our producer accounts and some video tours.

As for easy, there is no easier Smart TV channel creation program period. In fact, here are the steps you have to....uh..."master". =)

  1. Drag and drop your video to start uploading it.
  2. While it is uploading, add a Title and Description
  3. (optional but recommended) Change the thumbnail image to something more eye catching than the auto generated one as this is what people will see before playing the video. Takes 1 minute, you just play the video back and choose the best spot.
  4. Click import and select the category you want it in on your TV channel and click finish.

No really, that's it. We did all the heavy coding for you so it is really that easy. It will be LIVE on both of your ROKU and Amazon Fire TV channels usually within 24 hours!

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Smart TVs - Over 100 Million Smart TVs that is...and growing!

Your clients are moving off of tablets and laptops and grabbing the voice activated remote "show me real estate". Our solution puts you in front of a new audience, and that audience is growing each day pushing you in front of millions of homes in the United States using ROKU and Amazon Fire TV Devices as well as new fully integrated TVs powered by both ROKU and/or Amazon's Fire TV. Millions are cutting the "Cable TV cord" and going Smart TV. And they are waiting on your channel to appear.

Example traffic: Our first ROKU channel Lake Of The Ozarks Real Estate built in 2017 receives thousands of views to each video. (5,500 views on average). To compare, the same video uploaded to the Realtor's website, their Multiple Listing Service and to social media received approx 65 views.  That same video was played 5,600 times on Roku during the same period  That's 98.83 times more people who watched her client's virtual tour. And now we have expanded to Amazon with Apple TV and Disney next.

While Realtors "do" need a website, google displays 2.38 Billion pages for you to compete against. 2 years ago we had only 4 TV channels competing against us for the impossible Broad keyword "real estate". There are 100 Million smart TV's in America today! No matter what market you are in, real estate...pick a city...you win the traffic! While the traffic has been huge, it is just a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming as people start asking their remote to find a channel on this or that. It is THE next wave and Video is here to stay. More importantly your video on a 65 inch HD Screen looks better than the 14 inch laptop screen. Broaden to where your audience is moving....the Smart TV.

Our service will place your videos content on your very own ROKU channel and matching Amazon Fire TV Channel. It's all updated automatically within 24 hours whenever you add a new video.

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Video? Yes, this is television so the only thing we need to keep the viewer engaged are well made videos. Slideshow videos are fine and will work if you do not have a good videographer. People love video so we suggest finding a good video tour provider or learning how to take great video yourself.

What about 3D Matterport™? Good question...The actual 3D interface is for websites and not TV so generally it is useless for use on a Smart TV channel. We will see the ability someday, but it is not here quite yet.

But...it is possible to output a video from a Matterport™ tour.  We have even seen a combination of regular video and Matterport™ video though it is more expensive to produce. If you are not already using a 3D solution, we recommend going Video instead. It is a very "cool" technology but does not increase your traffic like video. More important is that Video can reach 100 Million Smart TV users too. If you are using it, then tell your Matterport™ person, you will need a video output version to upload to your TV station.

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Each of the channels below are live on both Roku and Amazon's Fire TV.

Just do a search on Roku or Amazon for the name of the channel to load it to your TV.

Berkshire Hathaway's Matt Schrimpf Luxury Living

Jacksonville FL Real Estate
Jacksonville FL Real Estate serving Northeast Florida

Eagle's Nest Realty serves Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks

Also serving the Missouri Ozarks is this Virtual Tour Provider.

Imagine your channel sitting on Smart TV screens all across America.


David Youngblood
Jacksonville Florida Real Estate

I have been looking for something new that no other agent had and was blown away by this solution. I think I can count on one hand how many other Agents have a Smart TV Channel nationwide. We used to spend a grand for a TV slot once a week showing off just one listing. Now my own channel runs 24/7 with all my listings for a low monthly cost. Thanks Victor!

Bill Johnson
Eagle's Nest Realty - Lake of The Ozarks

Victor has been doing my Video Tours for years and when he told me about his new Smart TV Channel service I honestly did not know much about it. He said trust me and I do and he created a channel on both Roku and Amazon and it had over 540 installs before I even had a chance to demo it. My wife searched my first name "Bill" on Amazon Fire TV and I popped up next to Bill O'reilly's TV Channel. We can't believe how popular our channel is.

Smart TV Programmer’s Subscription

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Your channel will continue through the end of the billing cycle. Non-Exclusive Package 75% off during Carona Health Crisis. Now only $99/MO!

Your Smart TV Programmers Subscription Includes:

  • Includes a Roku TV Channel
  • Plus an Amazon Fire TV Channel
  • 10 categories  (max 50 videos per category)
  • zero set up fees
  • 50% off additional channels

Realty TV Channel - Exclusive Area
$499 Month
Includes a Roku TV Channel
Plus an Amazon Fire TV Channel
(max 50 videos per category)
10 categories
zero set up fees
50% off additional channels
Exclusive Market Area*
Realty TV Channel - Non-Exclusive
$399 Month
Includes a Roku TV Channel
Plus an Amazon Fire TV Channel
(max 50 videos per category)
10 categories
zero set up fees
50% off additional channels

* Exclusive Market - If you wish to have your market exclusively to yourself, select "Exclusive Area". No other channels will be permitted unless there is already a non-exclusive channel in existence. If there is another channel already in your market, this will end further packages from being produced but does not remove the previous non-exclusive channel.

** Non-Exclusive Market - Lower monthly cost - Other future channels may be allowed. Realty TV may determine that there are too many channels in a particular market. UPDATE - Due to the Carona Virus we are lowering this package 75% to assist Realtors make the move to Smart TV